Toddler Program (18 mos. – 36 mos.)

The age requirement for Toddlers includes a four-week grace period, so a child as young as 17 months may be admitted. Children entering the Toddler Program must be able to walk steadily, feed themselves, follow basic instructions, and understand boundaries that are set before them.

If you’re enrolling a child for the Toddler class but wish to move them to the Preschool Program mid-year once they meet the age requirement, you must place your child on the Preschool Waitlist. We recommend that you do this at the time of registration.

Preschool Program (3 yrs. – 5 yrs.)

The age requirement for Preschoolers includes a six-week grace period, so children may be enrolled six weeks before their third birthday. Children entering our Preschool Program must be completely toilet-trained before their first day of class. This means they must be able to recognize when they need to use the restroom and also must be able to use it without any assistance.

Kindergarten -1 (5 yrs. – 7 yrs.)

Eligibility for the Kindergarten Program requires either that the children be five years old by August 31 or pass early-entrance testing. Early-entrance testing is available through the public-school district as well as through private testing services. Results of early-entrance testing must be submitted to TLC prior to the first day of school.