• Ms. Allison
    Throughout my years working with children the most important knowledge I have acquired is how responsive children are when treated with respect.  Children treated with respect are easily taught to respect the classroom, their work and peers.  By creating a respectful, caring and safe classroom environment children are able to focus their energy to reach their highest potential.  Through reaching this academic potential the child also gains self-awareness, self-esteem and a sense of independence.

  • Ms. Ann
    As the kindergarten reading teacher, it is my goal to create an environment where students discover the joy of becoming independent readers while mastering the foundational skills necessary for future reading success.  As a traditionally trained teacher, with a K-12 teaching certificate from the University of Washington, I appreciate and embrace the Montessori philosophy.  Each week, I work with students, individually and/or in small groups.  This allows me to carefully monitor their progress, individualize their instruction and adapt the curriculum to meet their particular learning style.  Over the course of the year I use a variety of public school materials, such as Accelerated Reader and the Houghton-Mifflin Reading Program.  This weekly instruction in reading is meant to supplement the Montessori language curriculum used in our classroom, giving our students the “best of both worlds!”

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